Providing services and assistance which involves ICT and ensure that teaching and learning facilities to completely and perfectly in order to create a learning environment which is based on the latest technology.

Installition Software

ICT Unit provides software installation services for lecturers and students depend on software provided by the computer center. This service aims to provide facilities to the students and lecturers bg ensure that teaching and learning is not disrupted also assist the students in their learning process.

Computer Labs

Provision of facilities for teaching and learning, ICT unit will ensure that there is a computer lab in the school of computing, are in a state of disrepair, in terms of both hardware and software, it is important to ensure that students and lecturers are in a comfortable situation during teaching sessions and learning progress

Repair & Services

ICT Unit provides computer repair and maintenance to the lecturers and administrative staff. This service intended to ensure process of teaching and learning as well as management services to run smoothly and productive

1. Software Installation

2. Repair & Maintanances

3. Manage Computer Labs

Helping you find the right ICT solutions in Hardware and Software.

Computer Labs Schedule

Computer record and manegement

Data Storage

Service and Application System.

Computer Lab Scheduling System is developed based on open source applications and made ​​modifications in accordance with the needs of the school of computing , these systems facilitate the lecturers and students to check the schedule of subjects assigned by computer labs that have been set by the unit ict . Besides, lecturers or administrative staff can check before booking to other uses that require a computer lab . [ http:\\websvr\soclabs ]


Computer Management  is intended to record and manage all computer equipment that is available in each lab computers in the school of computing, apart from the recording application information is also used to record any complaints related to damage to equipment or software, this application can also produce reports in connection with a complaint for damages and any information recorded computer equipment. [ htpp :\\websvr\lms]


Data storage service is provided aimed at providing space for lecturers and administrative staff to make a backup of any important documents related to their daily tasks. Apart from that was also space for sharing information also  example: sharing papers, proposals, reports and so on.